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Our Vision

We aim to achieve leadership in the development of health care services for a better life, and to be assigned as a healthcare information reference source both nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

  • To raise the level of provision and management of integrated health care services in Egypt, the Arab countries, Middle East, and Africa by applying the highest international standards of quality and safety of patients, and the use of the latest innovations and technology
  • To provide an integrated package of health care services, elderly care, and rehabilitation services by the world’s icon figures of professionals leading different specialties
  • To develop a medical team management skill right up to the highest efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources in order to achieve the promotion of health and well- being for a better lifestyle for
  • To start networking with similar health care organizations through sharing experiences that contribute to the high-quality health care
  • To expand our research activities to all fields of health and maximizing the benefit of the outcomes in improving the performance of our
  • Universality: to provide health care services to cover all sectors of our clients
  • Efficiency: to achieve the highest quality health services through good utilization of resources leading to providing affordable services to our clients
  • Quality: to strengthen quality management and patient safety
  • Equity: To render equal health care and services to all clients regardless the payment sources

To excel in rendering the most advances healthcare services that remarkably contribute to lessening morbidity and mortality rates in the served communities.

Our Objectives

How we want to reach our vision
  • To establish state-of-the-art medical city providing the latest technology in diagnosis, management, medical research, and medical
  • To establish, manage, and operate comprehensive, integrated, and high-quality healthcare services that involve inpatient, outpatient, emergency services, health tourism, geriatric care, and psychological and psychotic illnesses including
  • To employ distinguished medical staff from Egypt and abroad to provide the highest level of healthcare services in the
  • To develop and enhance the skills of the assigned teams and teams working for other centers in order to attain the highest efficiency and effectiveness in using the resources to ensure further health, welfare, and a better life for everyone
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