A global hub for offering high quality and affordable health and medical services

  • Smart fully-fledged Health City.
  • Provides high-quality integrated personalized tertiary healthcare.
  • Will serve more than 5 million clients annually.
  • Includes more than 4000 beds, 700 ICUs, and 70 Operating Rooms.
  • Operated by more than 15,000 multi-disciplinary healthcare providers, offering nearly 100 specialties.
  • Offers highly advanced services guided by the most advanced technology
  • Offers highest quality services in wide range of Specialties in one place for all age groups and types of clients.
  • Incorporates academic & research activities to mix learning opportunities to the access to high-tech facilities.
  • Includes “Non-Medical Promotion Amenities” to support staff, clients, and visitors, i.e., Hotel & Hospitality, Commercial & Retail Facilities, and transport services.


  • CAPITALMED will be a global hub for offering high quality and affordable health and medical services.
  • EHCS, the owner of CAPITALMED, pursues partnerships with renounced and experienced national and international enterprises and consultants relevant to such project from its inception including design, project management, supervision, construction, health care informatics, and operation.
  • CAPITAL MED will be operated by an International Operator with phasing-out plan to build and strengthen the local capabilities within the program.


  • CAPITALMED is located within Greater Cairo in Badr City, Suez Road, 50 Km East Cairo, Egypt.
  • Center of major expanding urban centers, with a population of 5+ million within a 20-minutes radius, and 20+ million within a 90-minutes radius.
  • It has direct access to major national highways network connecting it with all Egyptian Governorates.
  • It is located 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport and 10 minutes from the new Mega International Airport of the New Capital.
  • Its unique geographical location on the Mediterranean & Red seas at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia gives CAPITALMED  a strategic advantage of easy access to all its services for clients from inside and outside Egypt.
  • Capital Med achieves environmental sustainability as the first sustainable medical city in the Middle East and Africa.
  • 70% of the total land area is allocated for landscape & Green area (404,000 m2).


Phase 1

  1. University Hospital Center (532 Beds)
  2. La Plaza Hospital (220 beds, 36 Outpatient and Ambulatory Care Clinics)
  3. Simulation Center
  4. Virtual Hospital
  5. Central Command/Administration Building
  6. Central Utility Building (1)
  7. Rehabilitation, Cosmetics, and Wellness Institute
  8. Commercial Mall: Joint- Venture with specialized operator
  9. Emergency & Trauma, Neuro, Spine & Musculoskeletal,
  10. Cardiopulmonary, and Transplant Institutes
  11. Hotel: Joint-Venture with specialized operator

Phase 2

  1. Children & Women Institute
  2. Cardiopulmonary Institute
  3. Neurosciences Institute
  4. Hepatobiliary & Gastroenterology Institute
  5. Oncology Institute
  6. Urinary Diseases & Urosurgery Institute
  7. Advanced Medical Research Institute
  8. Advanced Training Institute
  9. Assisted Living Facilities
  10. Long-term Care Facilities
  11. Skilled Nursing Home Facilities
  12. Geriatric Health Care Institute
  13. Behavioral, Psychological, Psychiatric & Mental Disorders Sanitorium.
  14. Future Expansion
  15. Central Utility Building (2)
  16. Hotel